The International Ranking

The International Ranking

The International Ranking

During the meeting of the Dean’s Council on February 20, 2022, one of the weekly meetings that take place.
The Dean of the College congratulated all the academic programs of the College on the great progress made by the College in regards to the international ranking. He also praised in particular the great work that the College’s library provides to students and researchers from the College and outside the College as well, which also achieved remarkable progress in the global classification of libraries.
On the other hand, the website representative met with Mr
Zine El Abidine Ahmed Khojaly.
The librarian, who thanked all the college members for the cooperation and coordination while developing the library, which is positively reflected in the performance. His Excellency indicated
The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is the largest system for evaluating international universities, covering more than 30,000 universities located in Spain by the Higher Council for Scientific Research. The aim of the assessment is to improve the online presence of higher education and scientific research institutions and to encourage the publication of peer-reviewed scientific articles in an open access manner. It is a semi-annual evaluation, issued in January and July of each year, and is based on measuring the performance of universities through their websites using the following criteria:
-The site and its number of pages.
-Rich text format : ie files of documents and text information.
Google Scholars: Which is used for searching for scientific material. This includes refereed research papers, reports, letters and summaries on various scientific topics.
Links and appearances: Which refers to the hyperlinks that lead the visitor to the website on the Internet.
The library was established in 2014, and currently has a total of 3,750 references, with a total capacity of 86 students, and the digital repository which has more than 100 documents.
In January 2022, the college has successfully moved 743 places in the international classification and two places in the local classification.


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