(COSSH)  Hazards Treatment In lab Sessions

(COSSH) Hazards Treatment In lab Sessions

(COSSH) Hazards Treatment In lab Sessions

The laboratory administration at the College of Napata. conducted a workshop on occupational safety and dealing with laboratory hazards … The workshop was inaugurated by Professor Al-Zubair Bashir Taha, Dean of the College, with a speech in which he explained the importance of safety standards in practical lectures and pointed to the importance of distance education and the need to proceed with it in light of the Corona covid19 pandemic and beyond..

 He welcomed the presenter. Dr. Moataz Al-Sheikh, who presented the first part of the workshop at the college buildings in Kafoury … on Tuesday 21/7/2020 the second part of his talk will be presented on Wednesday 22/7/2020 and part of the college team work and members from other colleges participated in the workshop.

 all showed interest in  safety methods, avoiding risks, reducing their effects and preserving rights and responsibilities regarding occupational safety between employees and employers..and the workshop took place under safety and corona protection measures that included  2 meters seating precaution wearing masks and applying sanitizers  use sterilizers .


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