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Bachelor of Nursing Sciences

  • Program
  • Bachelor of Nursing Sciences

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences

Code: 833-6-721100

  • Duration:

    4 Years (8 Semesters)

  • Start Date:

    October 2019

  • Location:

    Kafori campus

  • Fees (2019):

    Fees for the Sudanese and Registration:35000 SDG

    Fees for foreigners: 1000 $ + (200$ Registration fee)

Dean: Dr. Omiyma Edrees

The Goals and Objectives of Nursing Sciences Student Education



the faculty of Napata was established in 2014, and it was our choice of the name of the Napata for this college after the name of the old sudan and the greatest civilizations that ruled the swan with its current borders and spread to the borders of anatolia in present turkey and continued this civilizational civilized communication which was later crystallized by the spiritual heritage of the heavenly religions islam is eternal, where the holy quran has been authenticated in the hands of the heavenly books and controlled by our master  Muhammad (peace and blessings of allaah be upon him) so that he will observe the morals and teach people the book and wisdom and teach them what they did not know.

the study began in the academic year 2014-2015 with programs

1 – Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

2 – B.Sc. Information Technology

3 – Bachelor of Medicine and Dentistry

In 2015-2016, my program was approved

1- Bachelor of pharmacy

2 – Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Sciences

  1. Vision

To become a university in the next ten years and to gain regional and global recognition of quality.


  1. Message:

napata university is an institution of higher education whose mission is to innovate and interact with its national, regional and global environment in terms of its administrative personality and diversity of its teaching bodies and its multi-national student body, and seeks to maintain excellence in its educational systems, learning patterns, student experiences and applied research. in individuals, institutions and the wider society.


  1. Reasons for establishing the program:

the nursing profession is one of the important humanitarian professions and assistance in the field of health. the need for establishing a nursing program is due to the acute shortage of nursing staff.

  1. Lack of preparation of nursing staff to work in the fields of nursing, various reinforcement, preventive and therapeutic.

  2. The system is not complete with medical colleges.

  3. The community’s continuous need for nursing staff in health and medical institutions.


 (5) Admission requirement:

(1) Student must be meeting the requirement according to the list of ministry of high education and scientific research.

(2) Student must be meeting the requirement according to the academic board of Napata College.

(3) Commemmtment of internal nursing programme setting (interview and medical examinations).

(6) Programme goals:

(1) Prepare and training student with high training course consider with the increasing in educational situation on health and health clinic in Sudan.

(2) Developing student knowledge and practice in main nursing care to provide health service efficient and effectively.

(3) Provide student proffesitional skills requirement in nursing field.

(4) Provide society need to rehaplitate certain specializes frame capable to perform nursing job.

(5) Increase student knowledge and practice to solve society health problem.

(6) Encourage and increase self learning and continues revolution follow in certain local, And international nursing field.

(7) Developing student ability to plan, intervention and analyze scientific applicable research related to nursing.

(8) Developing of workers curriculum in nursing.

(9) Apply health research related to nursing science to solve health society problem.

(10) Developing knowledge of teaching staff membranes.

(11) Encourage partarantsheep between society and nursing program in college.

(12) Continues improvement of infrastructure according to updating in nursing field.