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Our Philosophy

  • Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

  • 12 Aug 2015
  • 953 Viewer
  • We believe that the mission of education is to contribute to the integrated construction of the personality and seek to strengthen the scientific spirit of initiative and flexibility of thought and renewed innovation and believe that the main tool to do this is to develop the mental and value of our wealth, which is the basis of renaissance.
  • We believe that higher education outcomes beyond the rehabilitation of young people to work efficiently and enough to include the provision of knowledge products and research and patents supportive economic and social development.
  • And that the faith requires that all the good work and the joint in which the solidarity of all professors and students, the state and society and believe that all the elements of the university community is the main locomotive of excellence that we seek for our people.

College Administration will work to make accurate and continuous calendar operations units in all scientific educational course on alone, as well as students to evaluate their teachers. And for this purpose it will be distributed questionnaires to teachers to evaluate the educational environment and administrative systems and others. The questionnaires will be distributed (enjoying record honesty and reliability) for students to evaluate all the scientific course is taught so every semester.

  • 12 Aug 2015
  • 953 Viewer