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Dean Speach

Dean Speach

  • 20 Oct 2015
  • Category: News
  • 348 Viewer

prof photo

Hello everybody, Salam alaikum and welcome to NAPATA college.

     NAPATA is the name of the greatest sub-Saharan African civilization that sprang in the heart of our land. It began to blossom mid eleventh century BC and survived for a Thousand years.

Tahraga the third Napatan pharaoh was named in the Bible as the protector of the sacred city (Jerusalem), NAPATA at his time was overseeing the entire African coast of the red sea, the Nile valley and eastern Mediterranean region.

With its vast agricultural and mineral wealth (gold and iron) the NAPATAN civilisation developed a significant cultural influence which was characterised by the Meroetic language.
This great civilization passed on their knowledge in chemistry medicine dentistry arithmetics , geometry , astronomy and minerals using hieroglyphic as well as Meroetic languages .
Thus bearing this great name we are inspired by a great academic legacy.
So welcome again to your new work place and congratulations for your new job at NAPATA.

Your teachers cannot wait to see you soon at the lecture theatre. They have prepared themselves to see you through the journey to get you the bachelor degree award in the discipline you have chosen for yourself. And even then your alumni administration shall, I am sure, be ready later on to overtake the responsibility of illuminating your future path and help keep your soul warm.
Even those of us who teach spectacular students like you find ourselves utilising the most recent techniques to engage your attention and boost your imagination. Such techniques are so designed to ensure that you become an active listener prone to interactive class engagement. Your teachers shall use provocative questions, instructive stories, in-class experiments, educational video films, free discussions and innovative assessment methods.

Faculty members here , like all great teachers, work to inspire a love of learning in their students; however no one can want you to succeed more than you do, so the rest of the work to get the job done shall most certainly lie on your shoulders.
Do not mess up with your first semester for in it important intensive modules shall be taught including study skills the benefits of which shall hopefully remain with you for the rest of your career.
Proper conduct is a priority in NAPATA, so you are expected to be fully observant of it’s rules and regulations.

So off we go; see you beginning of November.

Best of luck.

Professor Elzubeir Taha
(BA , U of K ;MSc ,Univ. Sussex ; MA ,Univ B’ham; PhD , Univ. Sheffield)

  • 20 Oct 2015
  • Category: News
  • 348 Viewer